Escapism Deluxe by Ruby Empress

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From Sweden’s Gothenburg, sometimes call their music “Debussy Disco”. They revealed a third track Escapism Deluxe” you should listen to it.
The group began an adventurous journey in May 2016 with the release of the laid back dreamy psyche-pop tune “Deluca”. The song – not so much Debussy and certainly not disco – was meant to be a messy break-up song, but ended up being a metaphor instead for the unpredictable Scandinavian weather with a musical build up and chaos to match it. Despite the odd format “Deluca” instantly became #11 on top viral tracks in the world on Spotify. Their second track is “Strung Out”, which is also part of their debut Empressionism.

The unofficial start began a whole year earlier in Paris, where four 20-year old Swedish guys rumbled around, playing experimental disco in abandoned warehouses and small clubs to a decadent crowd of drop-outs and libertines. They met a somewhat mysterious muse, called the “Ruby Empress” and named their band after her to make sure she was always there to lead them; often towards some kind of unexpected edge. 

They finally managed to escape Paris together with their new joint girlfriend and got home to Gothenburg to record. “Deluca”. The recording was sent down to their friends at Yunizon in Paris who released it. It blew up. A few weeks after the release, the premier tastemaker label in Scandinavia, Woah Dad! signed them to their label as well.  photo credit: Julia Ragnarsson

Ruby Empress is:

Tom Serner (main vocals), Axel Agervi (keyboards, vocals), Melker Petterson (guitar, bass), Gustav Hyllstam (drums, programming)