Couture in the Rhythm of the New Age


ituated on the Left Bank of the River Seine, the 13th arrondissement of Paris was our location for the day we photographed the series titled ‘Couture is Alive’.  A contrast between old and new.  The 13th arrondisment presented us with an opportunity to showcase the newly built business district in an area that contains many high rise apartment buildings.   

The modern, glass-enclosed Bibliothèque National de France houses more than 15 million books that preserve the French national heritage, and it was a natural spot for our juxtaposition of Couture in the Rhythm of the New Age.Web Editorial, Model: Gloria Puenchera, Image by Akin Abayomi

In the days of fast fashion and the decadence of haute couture,  only those couturiers who had understood how to create a fashion from women’s new way of life have emerged successful.

In Today’s culture connecting the past with the present seems like a unprecedented task only to be achieved by those with a true reflection and a sense of revolutionary ideas.  Web Editorial, Model: Gloria Puenchera, Image by Akin Abayomi

As fashion reported once sighted: ‘Le coutourier propose, la femme dispose.’ (p.189 The New Look v. Couture)  The stylistic choices are abundant nowdays, but the truth styles of life demand our attention and respect.  In fashion one who does not progess with the times and adapt would be left behind.

In this web editorial we show you how the new and old merge, the young and vibrant adopt the uniqueness of haute couture and adapt to the new way of today’s fashion.

Web Editorial, Model: Gloria Puenchera, Image by Akin Abayomi

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Editorial Credits

Photographed by Akin Abayomi.

Model Gloria P.  Metropolitan Models Paris.

Styled by Elizabeth Pedraza and Hector Junn.

Wardrobe  Alexandre Boulais Communications.


Fashion Details:

Laskaris- Pair Chaussire noir, rouge

Laskaris Coat rouge

-And_I-  Mask noir, eye patch noir

Patuna-Long sleeve shirt black, Jupe Bronze.

ABE- silver collar