Copenhagen AW15

The cold can not stop fashion and getting ready for Autumn Winter 2015 means taking a look at all the different designers proposals for the next winter while we are still embracing this current one.

First, lets take a look at designer Asger Juel Larsen.

With a bright and dark palette the colors play in harmonious new ways.  Graphic designs were used in the coat/cape, pants and shirt.  Very unique!

The fur parka made its appearance and the long grey jackets could not be absent.

Next,  Barbara I Gongini.

Her designs were a mix of deconstructed pieces put together in a way that the elements were simple but very well assembled and creating something quite unique.   The color palette was also a dark black letting skin be the complement to the design. The white and translucent  outfit was also very district. Her brand is a fashion statement.

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And last but not least, Malene Birger.

A sophisticated look for the modern business woman. Her tones were muted, brown camel, tan and grey.  The slick lines and the diversity of textures made the collection a must have for Winter.

The designers showed us their vision of Autumn Winter 2015 and we are ready to see their designs in our lifestyle.

All images provided courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week