Hairy Situation: PLASTICTOKYO backstage

PlasticTokyo is a very young and vibrant brand. Every show has a feel of success to it. For many people the innovative ways of presenting the collection are always seen as targeted way of capturing attention at the moment and afterwards.  The truth is that for whatever reason, we can’t stop thinking and talking about the show way after it’s done.

It’s difficult to keep the runway shows in mind when the time passes, but PlasticTokyo always manages to stay on people’s minds and conversations way after the show is over. Here is why.  The hair is also a tool, it’s used in more than one way to generate a shock value and a very interesting effect.

The models are lively and the make-up looks don’t distract from the clothes.  More images:

PLASTICTOKYO SS17, model backstage, behind the scenes coverage, Livingfash media, image Akin Abayomi

Images by Akin Abayomi
Words: Elizabeth Livingfash