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Don’t miss this year Cine Las Americas Film Festival.

Last year we had the opportunity of attending Cine Las Americas Film Festival in Austin Texas.  It was a very interesting event.  The festival focuses on offering a wider view of the films produced in Latin America.

Opening night with the movie Magallanes directed by Salvador del Solar  Gave us the feel for the entire weekend.

The movie was a Peruvian thriller that kept us at the edge of our seat.  With gripping narrative and just when you think nothing else can possibly go wrong, you find out otherwise.  Actor Damián Alcázar along with Magaly Solier, Christian Meir, Bruno Odar and the rest of the excellent cast gave an amazing performance into the turbulent times after the Sendero Luminoso/ Shining Path.

Theme: political wounds, redemption and sins from the past.

Another film we watched the Brazilian film  I Swear I’ll Leave This Town’ (‘Prometo um dia deixar essa cidade’)  by director  Daniel Aragão

 Daniel Aragao was present for a audience Q & A.  

Shot with DxO ONE

The protagonist for this film took best actress for her role at this film.

Bianca Joy Porte played an ex-junky trapped in a suffocating relationship with her Recife politico father, whose already driven her mother to suicide.  A physically and demanding role portrayed by Bianca in a tantalizing story telling that more than dark summerged us into a visually striking and contrasting paradigms.

Theme: bad substances, 60’s, Psychedelia, very poor and very rich.

The 20th Annual Cine Las Americas International Film Festival is scheduled for May 3 – 7, 2017 in Austin, TX. Films will be presented at partnership venues The Blanton Museum of Art, The Santa Cruz Theater, and The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. The festival once again will offer narrative and documentary feature and short films and videos, as well as experimental, animation, and music video selections, in competitive and non-competitive sections.

The festival showcases contemporary films and videos from Latin America (North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean) and the Iberian Peninsula. Films and videos made by or about Latinxs in the U.S. or the rest of the world, as well as films and videos by or about Indigenous groups of the Americas are also invited to participate.

Also, the organizers put together a great evening of music and food for the attendees.  Thanks to the support of the sponsors for the delicious Latinamerican food and drinks served.

Live Music

Gathering during Festival, live music and great company.

Text by Elizabeth Livingfash       images: Akin

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