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Blancanieves, a silent classic

September 30, 2012 Madrid Spain.  We were walking down from the Museum, Museo Nacional del Prado on the way back to the hotel, after a long evening of museums and galleries we just wanted to get back home and rest a bit before heading back for more sight seeing and the much anticipated dinner.

It was then when we first saw the advertisement for Blancanieves movie.  The movie poster seemed very cool and we just took a picture so we could remember what the movie was called.

Blancanieves movie poster
Blancanieves movie poster

It wasn’t until a whole year later that we finally saw the movie back at home in Texas.  It was thanks to the Cine las Americas that we finally enjoyed this film.

Blancanieves is a black-and-white silent fantasy drama film written and directed by Pablo Berger. Based on the fairy tale “Snow White” by the Brothers Grimm, the story is set in a romantic vision of 1920s Andalusia. Berger calls it a “love letter to European silent cinema.

The inspiration for the film began when writer-director Pablo Berger saw a photograph of bullfighting dwarves in España Oculta, a book by Cristina García Rodero

A little dark, quirky and  a great expression of joy for life, a passionate approach to life events.  Visually mesmerizing!


If you have Netflix, make a movie night out it.. Enjoy the artfully done Spanish cinema.

FF Norway, a movie to watch

FF Norway, a movie to watch

From Fantastic Fest we gather a great list of movies to watch.  If you haven’t heard about Fantastic Fest, then you may want to stop by these guys site and take a look.

Austin, Tx is best known for its music scene, but don’t get too far behind the hype and pay attention to the brewing film atmosphere happening as we speak.

From SXSW Film, to Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, the choices are plenty.

We are seriously looking forward to Norway (Norviyia) a film by Yiannis Veslemes (Writer/Director) and the production team behind DOGTOOTH.

Brief Summary

The year is 1984. Zano (Vangelis Mourikis) —a vampire who must dance to keep his heart beating—arrives in Athens, Greece to meet his friend Jimmy (Yannis Bostantzoglou). While waiting for Jimmy, Zano ends up at a dive bar called Disco Zardoz. He meets a prostitute (Alexia Kaltsiki) and a Norwegian dope dealer named Peter (Daniel Bolda). Zano and his new friend go on an adventure that leads them to the bowels of the earth.

A short trailer


West Elm Interior

West Elm interior
West Elm interior

West Elm Interior. Cool store.. Nice Staff.

While walking Downtown Austin with my Film camera, just trying to shoot everyday things so I could test my developing process I came across this Furniture store in the corner of Lamar Street. The store itself was really nice and the furnishings were interesting.

Ektachrome: Rowing into the Sunset

ektachrome film
rowing into the sunset


Rolling into the sunset

on Kodak Ektachrom E100Vs film.

(Mamiya RZ67 proii D)

I’ve been shooting and developing my own images for over a year now and there is something I learn every time I go through the process. This was my first attempt with E6 processing and it actually came out. At first thought, it was supposed to be harder than C41 but it turned out easier for me because the blix stage on E6 was not the same as the bleach process on C41. There was no expansion in my tank, smooth sailing through the whole process just like the image above rowing into the sunset.
I guess I’ve always over analyzed things in general, there is always a plan A and a manual ready for reference just for plan B, in case something goes out of control. E6 processing was not hard at all, things in general always seem harder but when you get down to it, it is not that bad or hard. Life is always a journey, you should not be afraid to take that step, it may seem hard but you’ll never know how hard it is until you take that step.