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Fulton Read

Fulton Read

Fulton Read You and I ALBUM COVER (FINAL)Long Lost Band, Fulton Read releases 20 song epic “You and I” as their final album.   “inspired by the works of Alex Grey, this double concept album gets existential addressing polarities, interconnectedness and our macro and micro realities”

Long thought to be dead and abandoned, the musical project Fulton Read has re-emerged from a long coma with a 20-song epic double album entitled “You and I”.  Self-produced, the album includes guest appearances from some of Austin’s finest musicians including Adrian Quesada, SORNE, Zeale, Candi Sanders, Alexander Beggins, Kelsey Wilson and Sadie Wolfe of Wild Child along with several instrumental collaborators.  With the first half go the album our now, the entire album will be released Monday January 19th, just three and a half years after its production began.

Ranging from Fulton Read’s signature psych piano power pop sound to heavier alternative rock influences and even a tango, this album explores uncharted territory for the band previously compared to Ben Folds or Something Corporate.  They are now diving into a more progressive rock sound with jazz influences and electronic production, interwoven segues and ambience touching more on the likes of MUSE or Supertramp.  Meant to take the listener through a constant journey, the album floats from sonf to song as if one were drifting from dream to dream, interluded by monitor songs and ambient intermissions.

Headed by Austin musician, promoter and music industry supporter, Anthony Erickson, Fulton Read has been the singer/songwriter/pianist’s primary outlet since their formation in 2004.


The Weather Station

The Weather Station

A melodic  spellbinding music project of Toronto.

if you pay close attention, towards the middle of the recording, you can hear The Weather Station, great collaboration and soundtrack from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty by Ben Stiller.

stay tuned for more details about the spring release of her third record, entitled Loyalty and recored in France in collaboration with Afie Jurvanen(Bahamas) and Robbie Lackritz(Feist).

For more on Tamara Lindeman and her music, visit here

The Weather Station Video

Gold by Dorthia Cottrell

Gold by Dorthia Cottrell

Windhand’s fervent and visceral front woman, Dorthia Cottrell is set to release her debut self-titled record, due out March 3rd on Forcefield Records. The songs on the album span a full decade, with Dorthia’s palpable vocals pushing into a new realm of folk.  Noisey debuts the first single “Gold” describing her voice “akin to Linda Ronstat, Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, and more modern heartbreakers like Angel Olsen…”

AVICII –The Nights

AVICII –The Nights

The video for AVICII’s the Nights, the first official video and second track to be released from the sessions for his upcoming STORIES, is available now on Yahoo!

The video was produced and directed by Rory Kramer who created an action-packed recollection of his own life

The Nights, written by Bergling, Nicholas “RAS” Furlong, Ash Pournouri, Jordan Suecof, Gabriel Benjiman, John Feldmann and produced by Avicii and Pournouri had a debut opening at #12 on Billboard’s Hot/Dance Electronic Songs.

The song is upbeat and almost like an anthem to ‘live a life you will remember’.

Earlier this week, Shazam named Avicii the most shazamed artist of all time, and Spotify named him Top 5 Male artist of 2014.  Link to the 25 most shazamed songs

We leave you to decide for yourself on the latest video released.

Cheer up Charlies 11/14/14

We went to Cheer up Charlies new location this past Friday the 14.   It has been a while since the last time we ventured out to cover local music but we were pleasantly surprised by the local talent.

The night started with musician Sydney Wright, a one woman show from Snyder Texas.  She was not only very original with her lyrics that more than once remind us of multitude of break ups, much a la ‘Taylor Swift’  but with a closer to home authentic feel.


Less pop more soul.


Latter, a more heavy music set by Shrines.


Slomo Drags self described as ‘equal parts pop gold and noisy guitar irrelevance’ with their catchy sounds kept us alive and dancing. For more on them, check Slomo





Danny’s Speeddreamer release album was the occasion for the gathering and the place was packed. We would have missed Danny’s performance had we not planned right, feeding the parking meter in between acts counts as a work out/speed walk/race against the clock.

Self-produced record, said to be recorded in isolation with one mic and a 4-track cassette recorder, the production was a raw mix of acoustics and soul searching lyrics.


For more on Danny, Website

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