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RAURY-God’s Whisper Music Video

RAURY-God’s Whisper Music Video


A genre hybrid as his music has been called, a mixture between alternative rock, hip-pop and indie blend. The Atlanta artist called Raury has taken the media by surprise. Just when you thought you heard it all, you come across his music and it’s like a breath of fresh air after a suffocating trip to the over commercialized music playing around.


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Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a South African rap-rave group whose style draws from the works of Roger Ballen, and the Zef counter-culture movement. The group’s vocalists are Ninja and Yolandi Visser. They represent a fresh new style called ZEF.




die 1



Die AntWoord

Die Antwoord es un grupo de Sudáfrica de musica rap-rave. Los vocalistas son Ninja y Yolandi Visser. Ellos representan un estilo nuevo, llamado ZEF. Aqui esta el video titulado Rich Bitch.



Cafe Tacvba-Aprovéchate-New video

Cafe Tacvba-Aprovéchate-New video

Cafe Tacvba

We have liked Cafe Tacvba for a long time, we finally had the chance of catching their show during SXSW 2013 in Austin Texas. The show was packed and the crowd went crazy with some of the songs. Seem like everyone had a great time, even in the middle of the mud and the push and shove, the show was well received by the Austinites and the visitors to this year’s SXSW fest.

cafe tacvba during sxsw

cafe tacvba during sxsw

cafe tacvba during swsxThe mexican group made everyone dance on their spot, bump and stomp or at least move thier heads like a bobble head doll.

auditorium shores during cafe tacvba performance SXSWPicture of the crowd getting all worked out for the “Ingrata song”

Now the new video by Cafe Tacvba Aprovéchate

Femi Kurti

Femi Kurti

Femi Kurti music video

Son of the legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kurti, Femi Kurti has an extraordinary style of mixing Nigerian beats with traditional jazz and a good dose of politics.


Watch his video

Spoek Mathambo

South African rapper/DJ Spoek Mathambo with his style of making and mixing things to a South African beat but not like a tribal beat; his is something quite personal and unique, perhaps trying to avoid the fake British or American style He’s an original musician from another place, reinterpreting songs from all over the world using his unique style and avoiding the cliches.


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