It’s all about the shoes..


Friday, March 1st 2013,

It is all about the Shoes.

During fashion week month we travel to bring you the best of the best from around the globe. Many people focus on the clothes, some others prefer accessories or hair/make up trends. We decided to bring a quick look at the shoe factor  always very important part of the entire outfit. We LOVE shoes and we love people who wear them well.

Rebellious Fashion

Juxtaposition could be the title for this look, a great ensemble of animal print bag/carrier and the bold black & white pants & shirt in print. The glasses and skull cap add flare to the entire look. Very unique!

Street Fash

For Fashionistas and style conscious individuals,  Fashion Week brings a great opportunity to meet minds alike and bring everything Fashion to one city. London was the epicenter for this fashion event and the gathering of fashionistas from all over the world.

Green & Gray

 In Somerset we found these beautiful shoes wore by a lovely girl, her shiny pants complemented her shoes and the tip of her long hair. Here are some snips of the “Green Monsters”

Blogger’s Style

London Fashion Week

I love the stylish Stella, I seen her blog before and I am a fan of her fashion statements. So when I saw her at LFW I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to get a shot of her ‘style of the day’ look.