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Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch

Sept 15,2012

London Fashion

This unique catwalk event presents four of the brightest new stars to a packed audience and plays a mojor role in the emergence of new design talent. Ones to WAtch is an unrivalled platform for inspirational new designers and innovative exhibitions. This year featured designersare:

Charlotte Simpson, Hana Cha,Hellen Van Rees and Ming Pin Tien.


Before a show


Before the show there is always the anticipation and the thrill of seeing the designer’s new collection for the first time. The fact that only a few hundred people will be allowed into the venue. LFW is one of the most high profile fashion shows worldwide and one of the big four. So, getting into a show is by invitation only. One must have the invite and be on the list or there is no entry. While waiting until the velvet rope drops, the list of interesting people one may find herself right next to.

I was patiently awaiting for the Antoni & Alison Catwalk at Somerset while I saw chairwoman of the graduate fashion week and fashion director of The Daily Telegraph, Hilary Alexander interviewing Florrie Clarke a very interesting, colorful and happy person and great artist.

for more on Florrie visit:

Once the audence is allowed to enter the showspace, the excitement and anticipation rush before the show. This is the ambience of the place.

beforeashow241Then one must arrive at the seating marked on the invitation and perhaps find a pleasant surprise with a token of appreciation from the designers and pr.


Days of Fashion

Days of Fashion

Days of Fashion is a recount of what happens in between the much anticipated Fashion Shows, all the designers Catwalks and presentations. A lot go on during those in between moments.

Let me start with the notion that one is covering the event one way or another. So lets say you’re media then one can get access to the convenient room located on the east wing of Somerset and then establish a point of operations. yes, there was wi-fi and it was such a relief not to have to rely on my international cellphone plan to access the web. That can be costly, even if just to check on emails, then to update feeds, status and posts. oh man, one can get broke overnight if not careful.

So, this room is conveniently located in front of the Courtyard Showspace so one doesn’t ever have to miss a show. Next to it, the MAC counter where the very helpful girls were giving essential make up touch ups.

DaysofFashion205 Mac Cosmetics Counter at LFW ss13



Another great way to spend some free time, if there is any left is to go to Tony & Guy space next to the MAC space also in the east wing. There they host the on site salon service.

DaysofFashion206 Tony & Guy Hair Salon LFW SS13

Pict — Tony


If one ever get hungry and time allows it, the convenient caffe in Somerset House can give you a quick fix and solve the hunger issue. I tried the menu one early morning, coffee, tea, cake and sweets, the stuff was good and convenient.

DaysofFashion207 Somerset Courtyard London Fashion Week


In the Portico Rooms is where most of presentations are held,image below shows the dispays.

DaysofFashion208 Portico Rooms LFW, Somerset House LondonDaysofFashion209 Portico Rooms, Somerset House London

In the opposite wing, we find more exhibitors. Love the shades!!