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Anna Kolomoyets
Anna October

Anna October

Anna October is a womenswear designer creating garments with attention to hight quality fabrics and feminine silhouettes.

After 2 years working Anna October was mentioned in number of the best fashion magazines and recently named as one of the most promising fashion designers of Eastern Europe by Marie Claire (US).

Her vision of timeless elegance and modern spirit is evident in her collections. Clear feminine silhouettes shapes the body created through modern cutting, precision tailoring with exceptional quality and a distinctive edge.

Anna October designs has celebration spirit of life and joy of being yourself. Inspired by contemporary culture, colors and emotions her collections are light and sparkling with small touch of irony.

Anna’s background is technical education at College of Technology and Design, Zaporozie, 2008, and fine art studies in Art College, named after M.B. Grekov, Odessa. Her family name was given to her grandfather after The Great October Revolution, 1917.

She earlier took her first steps towards becoming a designer, when as a teenager she drew lots of sketches and doing small collection inspired by contemporary architecture. After one year studying art in Odessa Anna launched her own brand to focus just on designing women’s wear collections.

Always aiming to spread the world with her ideas, not to be just local designer, she was invited by Creative Director of Atelier 1- David Foley to be a part of new project Atelier 1 Collectif for which Anna did a capsule collection and art installation in Kiev based concept store atelier 1. It was a good start, which gave the direction of the international orientation of the brand.


Aminaka Wilmont

DESIGNER NAMES: Maki Aminaka Löfvander and Marcus Wilmont.

BACKGROUND: Maki is from Japan and Sweden. Marcus hails from Denmark. The designers met while working for Robert Cary-Williams. They studied at Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins and University of Boras.

SIGNATURES: “Sensual, flowing and innovative silhouettes embracing soft, voluminous draping of effortless complexity and avant-garde tailoring.”

TRADEMARK PIECES: “Experimental drape dresses in abstract prints and asymmetric distressed leather jackets.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “Self-confident, serene and sensual, with an appreciation of creativity and pure unconventional beauty.”

THE COLLECTION: “Theory of the multiverse, dimensional layering vs. convergence and artist, Kevin Francis Gray.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “As creatives we aim to produce work that stirs an emotion or reaction in the recipients who view or experience our process, or indeed the final product. Our work is in turn a natural expression of what creative mediums we have been influenced by and have reacted to during the season – such as the music and art we have been surrounded by. To us this is an essential and inseparable dynamic without which we would not be able to produce work with integrity.”

PLANS FOR 2013: “Expansion into targeted markets, new cross-field collaborations and hopefully finally launching AW ‘Untitled’.”

Agi & Sam

Agi & Sam

DESIGNER NAMES: Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton

ORIGIN: Agi is from Yorkshire and Sam is from Stratford-Upon-Avon.

BACKGROUND: Agi studied Fashion Design at Manchester School of Art and Sam studied Illustration at University of Lincoln. While producing print for Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, J.W. Anderson, Armand Basi and Carolyn Massey, he learnt the theory of production, colour and fabric. Agi trained at a Soho based tailors, before spending a year with Alexander McQueen working alongside the menswear team. At McQueen, he learned primarily the importance of research, and the extent at which creativity can be explored. He then went on to work for himself briefly before setting up Agi & Sam.

SIGNATURES: “With a strong emphasis on entirely bespoke print and humour, we believe that fashion should never been taken too seriously. We also endeavour to sit firmly in the middle of brands that fear creating something different and those which push collections too far.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “Ace Ventura Pet Detective.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “Uncompromising colour.”