In Transit: HAIZEN WANG AW17

Haizhen Wang, LFW, AW17

I still remember the first time I went to a @Haizen Wang show.  It was a presentation at Somerset House in London.  It was one of my first shows to attend that season and my photographer was covering another show, so I had to improvise and take pictures.  I was looking through the lens and I kept thinking, Wow! those designs are awesome.  I remember that a few of the looks did not get a picture because I was so amazed that I forgot to press the button.  Oh well, I learned from that…

a. Knackfuss SS16

a.Knackfuss SS16 Collection FPW image by Akin Abayomi for LivingFash media

The a.Knackfuss SS16 collection depicted space colonization. Inspiration turns futuristic. In a mix of folklore and futuristic elements the Human colonies collection made us aware of the constant change and the current moment in which all creatures alive need to build a common habitat.