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Helmut at MFAH .

it was a full week filled with car adventures and lost keys but I was not going to let that stop me from heading to MFAH to see the Helmut Newton exhibit there.

This was one of the things that come up and you don’t pass on. So, on Saturday a little bit afternoon hopped in the car and made the 3 hrs drive to Main St in Downtown Houston. I finally go the chance to catch some rain there also, something we’ve been missing in Austin.

The exhibit was totally worth it, I could not take any shots while I was in the museum, there were dark blue suits in every corner so I spent the next 3 hrs enjoying the exhibit and some of the permanent installations there. This was my first time at MFAH and I have so say, I’ll be back for more it was worth it.

On my way out, I picked up some souvenirs but I still needed to stake a shot so I had my camera set and ready to go. As soon as I got around the corner of the tunnel I fired of the shutter before the man in the dark blue suit even knew, I had my shot. Thank you MFAH I’ll be back again.



The second and third week of November is usually a time I look forward to in Austin. This is when the East AUSTIN Studio Tours “E.A.S.T” occurs.

I get the chance to see more of the Austin art community, everything from painters, sculptures, woodworkers and glass blowers. The tour is really well organized and it gives me the chance to see more of the east Austin Architecture also. East Austin has really changed over the years but it seems to have really taken off something in 2005, that was when most of the gentrification was at it full force. I kind of remember this because I also bought a place then but because of the commute I had a change of heart.

Anyways, the tour is really enjoyable and I can’t wait for this year to kickoff.

Check out the site for additional info on the many places to visit..

Here are some snaps from Sunday.



acl6 image credit/Akin©

Austin is well know for its music and music festivals, music makes us happy and music helps to put Austin on the map; hence the reason why people call Austin the Live Music Capital of the World®


This year we attended Austin City Limits ACL, an annual three day music festival at the city’s cental public park, Zilker park. ACL brings more than 130 acts from all over the world to play rock, country,indie,electronic,etc on eight stages.

Austin TexasZilker Park Oct 12-14


From the beginning of the day people start arriving to the park, like an ant formation people gather around the streets and sidewalks surrounding Zilker park. Finding parking can be quite a difficult task if one arrives afternoon, but since we needed to cover the festival since early we arrived first thing in the morning and parking was not bad at all.

Big Gigantic

Everyone is all so enthusiastic to be attending the fest, families, couples and friends all get together for one weekend in October and plan on attending this musical nirvana. Some people bring tents, lawn chairs and the all so needed long pole to mark their camp.acl5

At the beginning of the fest I was quite unsure about the purpose of this element but the more and more I kept on seeing it around it became clear that it was more than just a decorative element but a much needed one. The park gets packed and I mean packed, try 70,000 people or so.Big Gigantic

It’s virtually impossible to find someone at night unless one has divided one of this ingenious poles with flags, decorations, knick-knacks on them to make them unique.

Things would be easier if the cell phone reception but as luck would have its way, poor to say the least. One can no count on a message getting through but who cares anyway, here we are ready to have fun and cover this fun experience for all of our readers and the fans of the many bands here.acl9

We’ll bring you interview and images from the fest in the next set of articles.

Big Gigantic



SXSW Fest 2012

Things are very interesting during SXSW Fest in Austin, Texas. There are fashion shows, music performances and public performances on the streets near the convention center. The streets downtown are blocked to allow people to walk from venue to venue. It’s usually a pretty neat event, except for the parking situation. This year I decided to take advantage of the rail system in town and rode the train to the convention center, right at the heart of the madness.

Awesome!!, I skipped the mad drivers and the outrageous parking wars. Well, I arrived just in time to catch a fashion show and then many street performances and what not. The vendors are always interesting too, many come from different parts of the country so the goods are so cool.

Below are some images from a Fashion show we got to see as soon as we arrived to the epicenter, Convention Center. There the vendors were getting ready to leave for the day, many were still hanging out for the show but the mayority were wrapping things up for the next day as this was just the end for the sales.

The show was pretty interesting in the fact that they used local talent and musicians to collaborate on the presentation of the clothes. It’s fascinating how the Austin vibe is all so alive duing these events, and the apparel and music fields can combine to produce an event like this.