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One day in Milan
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A day in Madrid

A day in Madrid

The day is somewhere between cool and about to rain range. We arrived at the hotel before noon. The taxi drive was nice and relaxing. Arriving to the hotel was a breeze. Centrally located in the mist of things was our stay at hotel Regina in Madrid.

The room was good, the staff at the reception was great. spain hotel

spain hotel1spain hotel2

Now, off to see the city…

spain building

spain greenbuilding

The view from the Art Gallery, wonderful clean lines and green wall.

spain street

Walking the narrow streets, love the pedestrian feel to the city. I wish my city had so many sidewalks. Austin Tx is more of a car friendly place, plenty of highways, tollways and streets.

spain cafe

A cool cafe place, near the galleries. Ideal for chatting with friends and planning the night.

spain elevator

Taking the elevator to the museum to go see Picasso’s works.


spain walk

Walk in the park.

spain metrop

Finally it started to get dark, and we had to get back to the hotel. Almost time for dinner…

spain food

Dessert, black forest cake, yumm..


Paella and Sangria for dinner. Good thing, the hotel was so close to the best restaurants, it was literally like 2 mins walk. Late night snacks, were also available.

A day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam by Akin Abayomi
Amsterdam by Akin Abayomi

Traveling is always fun as long as one is willing to try new things. I love traveling, the old and the new, the architecture and patterns, the culture and the languages, all those things inspire me to create.

After choosing to take the ferry from London to Amsterdam we made it to Liverpool station to wait until our departure. We liked the idea of the ferry instead of a train or plane because we just needed to relax a few hours before getting into

Amsterdam. The fast pace of London was amazing, we really liked the day to day of things in the city but we were also ready to get to our next destination. Traveling by plane can be faster but there are always all those hassles of getting to the airport most of the times far away from the city center and then waiting, and waiting in lines to get to plane and then being confined to the seat for a few hours. So, we took the ferry and it was so relaxing, I only wished it would have last longer.

The feeling of getting to the cabin and resting, watching tv on your own room and having plenty of space to walk around inside and outside the cabin. Also, having your own bathroom with shower and minibar really helps. Not to mention the fact that the boat has all kinds of ammenities,spa, cinema,restaurant,etc.

We just took a quick stroll around and made it to dinner and believe me we had enough food for days.

After arriving in Amsterdam, we took a quick look of the city, again you never know when it’s going to rain so we went for a walk and grab some food.

Actually, I was so surprised to see so many H & M stores around. We walked around the city center and we almost got lost because we kept walking on circles. The architecture was so impressive and the attitude of the locals was something that I really admired. I loved the fact that people ride their bikes everywhere and there is plenty of bike parking as well. The public trasportation is also great, I took the tram and the bus as well as the train and I was so happy to be able to get around without renting a car. I wish my hometown had these many options for public transport.

Anyways, with so many wonderful small reatuarants and eateries it was hard to narrow down the choice of cuisine. There was this Chinese Restaurant in one of the many alleys and we went there for lunch, later on we found the Italian House reataurant and it was so delicious. What amased me the most, was the size of the soft drinks. The individual size was like a child size in US standards, but I was not complaining. I stop drinking soft drinks a while back so it was tea, water and beer for me. Oh, also, the price of bottle water and beer was the same so I chose to stay with the local beer heineken enjoy the meal.

The city is great, I love the athmosphere and the spirit of the people. I love to see how even in the smallest corner place people grow their garden and they all seem so happy peddling their way through town.

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