A Day in Seoul

Every time we travel for Fashion related business but out of all hustle and bustle of every day in the fast lane we try to take a day to just enjoy the city we are at.   Last October, 2015 was not the exception.  It was our first time in Seoul,  we had been avid Korean drama watchers for a while.  So this time, in Seoul we had many things we wanted to do and see.

A day in Madrid

spain hotel

The day is somewhere between cool and about to rain range. We arrived at the hotel before noon. The taxi drive was nice and relaxing. Arriving to the hotel was a breeze. Centrally located in the mist of things was our stay at hotel Regina in Madrid.

A day in Amsterdam

Traveling is always fun as long as one is willing to try new things. I love traveling, the old and the new, the architecture and patterns, the culture and the languages, all those things inspire me to create.

After choosing to take the ferry from London to Amsterdam we made it to Liverpool station to wait until our departure. We liked the idea of the ferry instead of a train or plane because we just needed to relax a few hours before getting into

A Day in Paris


After the short trip from Amsterdam to Paris in the very comfortable train, we decided to take the […]