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May 20th, 2013

May 20th, 2013

May 20th, was a very painful day for me. I write a lot about things in life, fashion and art but today I will take a different angle. I will write about death; the death of a beloved pet. This is an issue so close to my heart that it still hurts. Today, my friend Ipod, (podi) died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat and his last grasp for air.

Squirrel Raid!

Squirrel Raid!

I have been growing some organic peaches in my backyard.

Every day I water the plants and fruit trees and see how much bigger they get. Early this morning I saw the peaches finally changed color. They seem like they’re ready to be harvested. Well, I couldn’t be happier to go out with my little basket and harvest my hopefully delicious peaches.


Why I shoot jpeg!

Why I shoot jpeg

I used to think shooting in Raw format was the best way to capture images because of the training I had while I was in school, you have the luxury of time to go over images on the monitor and not in any pressure but then I started shooting fashion runway and that has changed my view of jpeg. There are a lot of advantages with shooting Raw vs. Jpeg but there is one advantage JPEG has over Raw and that is Speed!!!

I have to be honest, I haven’t shot all the shows in jpeg but when I am under a crunch and I need t deliver images ASAP jpeg is the way to go. The most important thing about shooting jpeg is the settings, all have to be right, I don’t leave anything to the camera to set, I have to set the color temp manually, the right exposure and focus because there is no saving if anything is off. I have to say I was really nervous the first time I had to shoot a show in jpeg, but now it’s second nature for me.

Samples of the images I shot in jpeg format

Zoe Jordan collection at London Fashion Week 2013.

zoe jordanBR1I0043

Bora Aksu collection during London Fashion Week 2013

bora aksuBR1I0602

by Akin @Dreadheadphoto

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