A fast life

a train station

The Life of a fashion correspondent is always on the go, sometimes you go by train, sometimes by […]

The No Show

The Case of the No Show Collection

   Time after time, brands and designers try experimenting with different forms of delivering their collections to the audience.  Sometimes, new technologies are implemented in combination with already established formats like the season fashion show, or Catwalk.

May 20th, 2013

ipod cat

May 20th, was a very painful day for me. I write a lot about things in life, fashion and art but today I will take a different angle. I will write about death; the death of a beloved pet. This is an issue so close to my heart that it still hurts. Today, my friend Ipod, (podi) died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat and his last grasp for air.

Squirrel Raid!

squirrel raid

I have been growing some organic peaches in my backyard.

Every day I water the plants and fruit trees and see how much bigger they get. Early this morning I saw the peaches finally changed color. They seem like they’re ready to be harvested. Well, I couldn’t be happier to go out with my little basket and harvest my hopefully delicious peaches.