Part 2 Trends

  As promised here is part 2 of the article, Trends

Part 1 Trends from LCM

My first article for CultureM Magazine, Trends can be found at As usual, it was a pleasure […]

Paris at night

Paris at night.

While making my way back to the subway station from Moulin Rouge, I came across a restaurant called La Bougnate on 2 Rue Germain Pilon, The chef was outside and I could not resist taking a picture of her.

Why I shoot jpeg!

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Why I shoot jpeg

I used to think shooting in Raw format was the best way to capture images because of the training I had while I was in school, you have the luxury of time to go over images on the monitor and not in any pressure but then I started shooting fashion runway and that has changed my view of jpeg. There are a lot of advantages with shooting Raw vs. Jpeg but there is one advantage JPEG has over Raw and that is Speed!!!