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All about skin care, make up products and hair products that help to create a fashion look. 

Backstage at Mariana Jungmann SS15

Backstage at Mariana Jungmann SS15

Backstage is where the magic takes place, there the models get to experience the team that working together will create the final look for the show.

Granted, the looks for the show are already predetermined and selected but now it’s the time that the work takes place and every single person works as a team to achieve the look.

Backstage at Jamie Wei Huang

Backstage with Y/PROJECT

“C’est comme marcher à la frontière entre l’instabilité du passé et la sérénité de notre futur.”


Pour /Project AH15, Glenn Martens continue d’explorer les limites entre jeunesse et maturité.  En opposant des coupes architecturales à des matières souples, la netteté graphique au stressera urbain, I’aspect technique  à un fond de nostalgie, Y/PROJECT prospère dans sa transcendante polyvalence.

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Dramatic Heights

Dramatic Heights


The inspiration for the runway look for designer Pinghe was all about the height, the starting point was pretty flat shoes and the hair needed height.


Color banding in white and drastic heights


Color banding in black with a very salient hair top.


The final touch was the color banding, sprayed lines acrossed the hair section. Take a look at international creative director for Tony & Guy, Bill Watson.








One of the supporting contributors to London Collections Men was Fudge.

The Fudge creative director and senior art team members were seen at Agi & Sam, Christopher Shannon and James Long. They provided some amazing looks with products like membrane gas, matte head, matte mineral textures(anti-frizz deconstruction spray) from the same line Textures (french styling milk) and probably creative styling dust. We can only speculate since we didn’t get access backstaage but with a line of products so well developed, one needs to just look at the variety of choices the team had.

matte mineral textures by Fudge

Matte Mineral Textures (french styling milk) & Matte mineal textures(anti-frizzz decostruction spray)



Make up Trends

Make up trends

From the Ji Chen fashion Show during London Fashion Week SS14.


The minimalistic color but drastic features


Exaggerated slanted brows

makeup3 close up brows


Bright and theatrical in shape.



Buns and high hair do, slick chic and drama centric.


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