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All about skin care, make up products and hair products that help to create a fashion look. 

Backstage at Yasutoshi Ezumi SS16
Backstage at Issey Miyake

Yasutoshi Ezumi Backstage

Creating the Look

Behind close doors is where a team of make up artist and professional hair stylist work together to create the Runway Look.

At Tokyo Fashion Week, we had the opportunity of covering backstage for designer Yasutoshi Ezumi.

The Autumn/Winter 2015 Beauty Look is a sleek stylized hair do, with a clean make-up look without leaving the “spunk” out by adding Green to the model’s eyebrow.

You can see the model’s hair is parted on the side and slick front pinned down and set in place with the help of clips/tissue.

The corner of the brow is painted in a bright green tone. Check it out.

First Looks, runway ready.

Now, lets see the hair.

backstage coverage of designer Yasutoshi Ezumi  江角 泰俊 image by Akin Abayomi for livingfash media

With meticulous attention to detail, the hair is parted into sections and placed carefully to set for the styling of the day.

A band made out of hair parted the back of the model’s hair and another hair extension to add volume to the pony tail.

backstage coverage of designer Yasutoshi Ezumi  江角 泰俊 image by Akin Abayomi

The team that create the Look.

Make Up Team for designer Yasutoshi Ezumi  江角 泰俊


Artistic Director of Shu Uemura, Japanese, makeup wizard, backstage genius

Kakuyasu Uchiide

For more on SHU UEMURA visit their Youtube for awesome tutorials on Make-up application.

Backstage at Mark Fast
Backstage at LCM