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Hairy Situation: PLASTICTOKYO backstage

PlasticTokyo is a very young and vibrant brand. Every show has a feel of success to it. For many people the innovative ways of presenting the collection are always seen as targeted way of capturing attention at the moment and afterwards.  The truth is that for whatever reason, we can’t stop thinking and talking about the show way after it’s done.

Backstage for LOW CLASSIC

The look was a slick pull back hair styled with undulating waves of hair strands framing the face giving a wet look reminiscent of wet curls.Seoul Fashion Week SS16, LOW CLASSIC 로우클래식 , backstage, behind the scenes, makeup, image credit Akin Abayomi/Livingfash Media, Seoul, Korea.

LOW CLASSIC is a young brand focusing on practical design and pursuing simple but not too simple natural beauty. The feel to the collection was contemporary with the complementary hairstyle and the natural beauty make up by team AMOS using HERA products, the main sponsor for Seoul fashion week.