Boris Bidjan Saberi SS19

Modern day menswear with an avant garde feel. It’s said that there is a certain slopiness to his lines but don’t be confused with his design, his brand is elegant and innovative.

Grey is the new Black

Post apocalyptic modern urban wear, the new collection form Boris Bidjan Saberi for spring summer 2019. Sticking to his post modern day wear boris goes all out with tape in this collection. The collection looks like something you would see in SCI-FY movie,  a world gritty dark and desolated.

The tones are mainly greys, black and beige not your warm summer colors. I personally love the low crouch pants, the looks give the feeling of free mobility. I guess my character  would need that in a desolated future in the sci-fy movie that comes to mind.  The details on the jump suit are really nice, it is well implemented with the cross body tape.

Low rise cropped short-pants

Boris Bidjan Saberi
Multi-layer ensemble, featuring oversized coat with side arm opening.

As a single piece or a multi-layer set, each one of the looks in the collection represent a neutral-modernistic alternative to the old same style in the marketplace. 

A brilliant choice in fabric selection and a neutral tone color palette shape the collection. 

Each piece with an individual sense of being and a timeless exposure to the elements. 

Yet, they all seem to be collaborating elements in a series of a fashion event.  

All images provided courtesy of designer’s press.  2e-Bureau and Boris Bijan Saberi.