Memory Recuerdo, a poem written by a 15 year old Frida Kahlo was the inspiration theme for the fashion designer Yukimi Kawashima

Yukimi Kawashima collection embedded the spirit of Spring/Summer season with the flowing dresses fit for a tropical escapade.  Each look of the collection included an elaborate compilation of headpieces interwoven with the hair effortlessly flowing.

LF: What was the inspiration for the collection?

YK: Frida Kahlo life, work or something else. Frida Kahlo lived a life at close quarters with death, filled with anguish. She went on the path she believed. gave so much love to her surroundings and was passionate.  Her life inspired me a lot and AULA’s concept has a similarity.

LF: What makes you Yukimi Kawashima select the fabrics for this collection.

YK:Started with natural materials such as hemp and cotton then went on to passionate orange, pink, red and blue, those colorful prints.  The image is a dry Mexican sky Frida lived. Also, expressed elegance and felinity with using layered translucent materials widely.

ss16, aula
Close up details of texture and patterns.  Image by Akin Abayomi | Livingfash Media

LF: What are the three most important elements in your designs?

YK: It’s important that there are well-balanced and fitting materials, good design pattern.

LF:How important is the inclusion of foreign elements into the Japanese design.

YK: My design is not influenced of foreign elements.

LF:What inspired you Yukimi to create?

YK: I conceive ideas for design when I travel and watch movies and feel nature.

LF:I noticed that hair was a key element in the display of the collection, what was the motivation behind that?

aula, ss16
head wrap/ head scarf  Image by Akin Abayomi \ Livingfash Media

YK:  The hair was a tool which expressed strongly of the message and theme of the collection.