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Antonio Ortega-Modernist with a glimpse of the past


nspired by the drastic constrast of curves and straight lines, the great eclectic Antonio Ortega brings us a carefully crafted glimpse of the past and induge us with a futuristc approach.  Juxtaposition between Art Nouveau and futuristic lines at full display.


Key tones bright yellow and fushia showcase the grey undertones played as building blocks as in the modern buildings constructed out of cement and bricks.

Hybrid garment that interlace the use of lurex and traditional fabrics such as wool and cashmere.

Extreme and contrast are the words that come to mind when we take a look at his collection.

Avant garde at its best.Antonio Ortega , fashion designer Elegant and asymmetric neck piece(collar) reminance of the Elizabethan ruff.

Fluid like water. Antonio Ortega , fashion designer, Paris Couture Grey, silver, metalic undertones contrasting the harsh lines with a soft coat.

Exquisite and dramatic.   An ensemble that will make you take a second look.  Have I seen this before, and if I haven’t then why are they not designing more things like these.

Antonio Ortega , fashion designer

Elegant pieces that would bring memories of palaces and courts are carefully crafted with today’s materials and fabrics to shape the future of nowdays metroplex.

Antonio Ortega , fashion desig

All images provided courtesy of designer’s press and @ Imaxtree, Alessandro L