ACUOD by CHANU Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

ACUOD by CHANU was the opening show for Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.  “ACUOD” is a word originated from a Japanese word “DOUCA” 同化, which means assimilation.

The show was opened by a group of dancers showing their moves. The freestyling and break dancing was definetely a show stopper. The monotone was a dominant factor. The face mask and the grunge rugged look remind me a little bit of Gantz. A huge emphasis on zippers, dark and in general a well rounded debut collection.
Perhaps, the style is not for all, if you can’t see yourself in a ultra
ACUOD by CHANU "CHANWOO LEE " SS17 Collection presented at Amazon fashion week Tokyo.

Plastic chains, embellisments, like a royal heir that reighs the dark.

Dark and grunge. Followed by the white look with elements of poster handwritten notes.  A decomposed styling, flowing and filled with juxtapositioning of pleats and clean cuts.

The color duality was nicely played.

For those that remember our post about 2015 Tokyo New Designer Grand Prix, his dress design was such an iconic piece.