LIVING FASH is part of the emerging power generation bringing a comprehensive resource of runway shows, concerts and popular fashion looks (street style,high style and lifestyle) along with the latest and greatest from around the globe. We believe in ‘Living Fash’, in fact our company ethos is to Live Fash-ionable and Happy. So we bring our content to the discerning audience of influential fashion and culture innovative individuals.

Industry Value

We work tirelessly to deliver Livingfash. We try to bring you a comprehensive view into the fashion world. We put our focus on covering emerging designers and infuse our love of culture and art into Livingfash.

We started Livingfash online, out of the need for information about fashion designers from around the world.

We were surprised and saddened to find a dearth of information about some of the emerging designers we were interested on.

Often we attended their shows and presentations and we were impressed with their collections but we found that there was a scarcity of details about the designers themselves.

We searched high and low, we spent endless hours exploring all the digital places where their names would pop up and very few websites would contain substantial information.

Apart from the instant feeds during and immediately after the shows, very little was accessible to the public and potential customers.

We are a couple of thirty something years old (I was at some point) who deeply appreciate the work that goes into each one of the designs created by a new set of fashion designers.

We truly understand the creative process and we try our best to create a small space in cyber-space for all of these creative designers and talent out there.

We don’t do this for our own personal fame but for those that bare their sole in each one of their collections presented to the world.

This is our homage fromage to them, when the lights from the photo pit turn off and the audience leaves the show. When the collections reviews stop coming. This is the place where you can always find an honest point of view.


Livingfash is a tiny oasis in the middle of the desert (I’m still looking for the oasis). We know that there are bigger and more popular sites out there. We are not here for those that require a popularity contest but instead we offer those fashion travelers, those with insatiable thirst and hunger for fashion a place to lay their eyes and see something that other bigger outlets may not have the time to cover.

We live in Texas but we travel everywhere where fashion exists (for texas sake). We love presenting an unbiased view of the different designers and we hope that you enjoy it to.

Thank you to all those in the fashion industry for existing and letting us be part of their journey.