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Present-Future-Past- A never ending cycle

Sometimes we live in the moment, sometimes we hope for the future, some other times we reminence of the past. Which one are you on?.. We walked the walk and talk the talk but how many times do we actually enjoy the current moments in life. More often than not, we recollect memories long past, and make dreams based on a future term but not quite enjoy the instant we are living. I feel that as human we want to process time in a manner that reflects continuation and perpetuity. Perhaps, we are all affraid of realizing that nothing last forever and even memories fade, so we try so hard to hold on to the past in order to remind us of who we currently are. It’s more like; it serves us, as a perspective of who we are and where we are headed. Many of us, think things were better before, many others feel that the worst has past and it can only get better. In reality, the only time it should matter it’s NOW, because we are not a thing of the past or a expeculation of the future but creatures of now. We don’t know if there is a future or if the past was as good as you might think but we know that if we’re here Now, reading,talking, breathing, that’s what matters.